Feb 132014

For Immediate Release
February 12, 2014

Undercover Drug Investigation Results in Seizure and Arrests

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones announced that an undercover drug investigation by the Butler Undercover Regional Narcotics (BURN) task force resulted in the execution of a search warrant in City of Hamilton during the early morning hours of February 12th, 2014.

BURN Agents seized fifteen pounds of marijuana, more than $20,000 in cash and a 2002 Mercedes. Three persons have been arrested, all charged with multiple felonies.

At around 3:00 am, agents executed the search warrant at 234 Minster Street along with the Butler County Regional SWAT Team. The marijuana, believed to have come from Mexico, was both “in bulk” and in some small packages for distribution.

Anthony Broadus, 28, from Hamilton, was charged with Trafficking (Felony 2) and Possession (Felony 3). Geran Anderson, 30, from East St. Louis, was charged with Trafficking (Felony 2), Possession (Felony 3 and Felony 5), and Tampering with Evidence  (Felony 3).

At a nearby traffic stop, Cameron Schooler, 37, from Hamilton, was apprehended and charged with Trafficking (Felony 2) and Possession (Felony 3).

Schooler had been arrested by BCSO on January 20th for drug trafficking following a traffic stop for a broken tail light. On that occasion, a little more than $11,000 were seized. He was out on bond when he was re-arrested on these new charges. All three were booked into the Butler County Jail.

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