Aug 282015

news-releaseFor Immediate Release
August 28, 2015

Drug Search Warrant Nets Large Cash Amount

Sheriff Richard K. Jones states that around 1030 AM, the Butler County Under Cover Regional Narcotics Taskforce (B.U.R.N) executed a search warrant at 190 Lagonda Avenue apartment #1 in the City of Hamilton.  “We had several neighbor complaints and anonymous tips come in on this particular residence. During the search, we confiscated several different illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia.  The drugs included marijuana, heroin, crack cocaine and prescription medication to name a few, along with approximately $40,000 in cash,” said Sgt. Owens.

DSCN1166_resizedShannon Taggart, 38 year old male, was arrested and charged with 3 counts of trafficking in drugs and possession of drugs, all felony charges.  The money was located in a storage unit.  “This guy was selling a smorgasbord of drugs, literally, there were about a half a dozen different illegal drugs to choose from.  This probably made his business more appealing to the thugs that were buying it. But, like every other heart-warming drug trafficker story, Mr. Taggart is now in the Butler County Jail where he belongs,” said Sheriff Jones.  “I am extremely proud of the work these guys do every day for us and this county and this is another great success.”

Sheriff Jones encourages everyone to continue to report drug-related activity to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

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