Explorer Posts 2916 and 2917


Explorers line up for inspection

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America, established Explorer Post 2916 in September 1989. A second post, 2917 was established at the end of 2014 at accommodate the growing number of youths enrolling. This program is designed to provide male and female youths, ages 14—21, an opportunity to experience Law Enforcement activities.

The group meets weekly to practice police techniques and to learn the many facets of police work.

The Sheriff and the members of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office are proud of the training, dedication, and efforts of the advisors and members of our Explorer post. Quite often, participants end up choosing law enforcement as career paths, often being hired within the Butler County Sheriff’s Office in some capacity. The Sheriff is pleased to provide interested youth this controlled exposure to the workings of law enforcement.


Deputy Matt Ginter, Deputy Matt Kellum, Deputy Connie Rockey, Deputy Brian Romans, Deputy Nicole Roberts, and Oxford Township Officer David Geiger all volunteer their time to train the Explorers and act as Explorer Advisors for the program.

Interested in joining? For information, use the online form or call (513) 785-1224.

In 2014

In April of 2014 they competed in a competition in Richfield, Ohio. The Explorers placed 3rd Disorderly Conduct; 2nd in Traffic Crash Investigation, 1st in First Aid and 1st in Domestic Violence. The Explorer Unit placed 3rd overall out of 40 teams from 20 participating agencies from Ohio.

In May of 2014 the Explorers competed in a regional competition. They placed 3rd  in Traffic Crash Investigation, 3rd in Bomb Scene Search, 2nd in Building Search/B&E in Progress, 1st  in Crime Scene Investigation and  1st in Arrest, Search and Seizure. Explorer Rachel Pyle placed 1st in the police physical agility obstacle course. The Explorer Unit  placed 2nd out of 20 participating agencies from the Tri-State area.

In July of 2014 the Explorers traveled to Indiana University to participate in the National Law Enforcement Conference and Competition.  The group competed against 250 agencies from across the country.  They ended the competition with five top 10% finishes in Traffic Crash, Domestic Violence, Arrest, Search and Seizure, Physical Agility Course and EVOC(Emergency Vehicle Operations Course).  Explorer Lieutenant Jacob Sons finished 6th in the country in the .40 caliber pistol competition.

In 2011

“Building Search” Training

In 2011 the Explorers participated in over 200 hours of training. All of the hard work paid off when they competed in two law enforcement explorer competitions in Ohio. On April 30th, 2011 they competed in a competition in Akron, Ohio. The Explorers placed 3rd in Arrest, Search, and Seizure; 3rd in Crisis Negotiations; 1st in Burglary in Progress; 1st in Traffic Crash Investigation; 3rd in CPR/First Aid; and 2nd in Domestic Violence. Explorer Lieutenant Zach Meyer placed 2nd overall in the physical agility course. The Explorers Unit placed 2nd overall out of 20 participating agencies.

On May 21st and 22nd, 2011 the Explorers competed in a regional competition in Cincinnati. They placed 1st in Critical Incident / First Aid, 1st in Traffic Stop, 1st in Traffic Accident Investigation, 1st in Burglary in Progress, 2nd in Crisis Intervention (hostage negotiation), and 4th in Arrests, Search, and Seizure. Explorer Lieutenant Zach Meyer placed 1st in the police mountain bike obstacle course. The Explorers Unit again placed 2nd out of 20 participating agencies.

The Explorers received firearms training over the course of two days in August 2011. NRA Instructor, Mike Halcomb, conducted a class that trained the Explorers on firearms safety, nomenclature, grip, stance, loading, and unloading. Lieutenant John Sons and Mike Halcomb then conducted live fire exercises at the Sheriff’s Office shooting range. All of the Explorers successfully passed the National Rifle Association’s requirements by shooting the course of fire that certified them as pro marksman. Following the NRA course of fire Lieutenant Sons graded the Explorers on a condensed law enforcement type of qualification course. Deputy Ginter familiarized the Explorers with the AR-15 rifle and 12 gauge pump action shotgun. Each Explorer was given the opportunity to fire both weapons.

Explorers assisted the Sheriff’s Office in 2011 by working close to 200 hours in the records division, fleet management, grounds maintenance, and the Butler County Fair. One Explorer, Zach Meyer, graduated from the program in 2011 when he completed the program and was hired by a local law enforcement agency.

In 2010

In 2010 the Explorers completed 166 hours of training in various law enforcement topics. Throughout 2010, the Explorers provided assistance to the Sheriff’s Office by performing 60 hours of service, including directing traffic at various events, assisting at the Butler County Fair, and other support functions. The Explorer post also attended two Law Enforcement Explorer competition events with other law enforcement agencies. In the May 2010 regional competition, our Explorer post placed: 1st Domestic Violence incidents and 2nd place in Crime Scene Investigations. Explorer Adam Boyd placed 1st in the Bike Patrol Course, Explorer Zach Meyer placed 1st in the Physical Agility Course, and Chris Fishbough placed 1st in Firearms and received the Top Gun Award.

In the July, 2010 National Competition in Atlanta, Georgia, our Explorer post competed with approximately three hundred Explorer units from across the country. Explorer Adam Boyd placed 2nd in the Bike Patrol Course, Explorer Zach Meyer placed 5th in the Physical Agility Course, and we fared very well in all of the team competitions. As a team, the post competed in various exercises and scenarios with approximately 100 teams from other agencies. They placed 11th in Arrest, Search and Seizure; 24th in Crime Prevention; 32nd in Traffic Stops; 41st in Burglary in Process; 41st in Emergency First Aid; 45th in Bomb Threat response; 51st in Crime Scene Investigations. At the end of the 2010 Atlanta Competition, the post was ranked number one out a total of more than 300 Explorer posts across the U.S.