Budget / Accounts Payable


Our core source of revenue is generated through the Boarding of Prisoner (BOP) contracts. In 2010, these contracts brought in $6,365,432. In addition to the BOP revenue, the Sheriff’s Office has multiple agreements with agencies and political subdivisions for Deputy Services, which contributed $2,827,262 in 2010 towards the personnel costs of these deputies.

While the Butler County Sheriff’s Office has been under the same budget constraints as other agencies across the country, we have successfully researched, applied for and received grants that are relative to the operation of the Sheriff’s Office. The grants received have saved jobs, allowed for the purchase of needed equipment, and aided in offsetting the increased costs of investigations.

The Accounts Payable Clerk processed approximately 1,300 purchase orders in 2010. The reduction of 1,200 purchase orders from the previous year was the result of the increased utilization of blanket purchase orders (A 48% reduction in volume). The 2010 budgeted general fund expenditures totaled $29.5 million. The expenditures from 2009 to 2010 decreased by 6.35%.