Property Room


The Property Room, located in the Court Street facility, is operated by a full time Deputy Sheriff and one Clerical Specialist. The every day operations of the property room consist of taking in all items from various divisions within the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

The items are logged into the property room and assigned a location within the secured environment. The items are bar coded for easy tracking. The items that have evidentiary value are held until pending court cases are exhausted, and found property items are held until the proper owners can be located.

The property room conducts a “property destruction” on an annual basis. The items that are no longer needed for evidence, unclaimed property and seized property are destroyed by order of the proper court. In 2010, we utilized the services of a local foundry. The property is removed from the accounting system by court order, taken to the destruction location and placed into a large vat of molten steel.

The Property Room is audited on a monthly basis, with a more extensive annual audit. The annual audit consists of every single piece of property being scanned so that items are accounted for as well as being stored in its proper location. The computerized scanning system leaves no room for error and protects the integrity of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office Property Room.