Alerts, Updates and Emergency Information

Alerts from BCSO

You can receive updates and urgent alerts from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office by following @BCSOalerts on Twitter.

What can I expect?

This account shares emergency alerts, news releases and non-emergency announcements from the BCSO.

For emergency alerts only, a new feature is coming soon.

I don’t have Twitter!

You don’t need it! Text “follow BCSOalerts” to 40404. Your carrier’s text messaging rates may apply. No Twitter account is necessary.

A better user experience can be had by signing up for an account and using Twitter’s mobile apps for smartphones, but it is not required.

Alert Map

Weather and emergency alerts are displayed on the map of the Butler County region, powered by Google.

Check the National Weather Service for current watches and warnings in Butler County.

River Levels

These river levels are recorded by gauges on the Great Miami River at Middletown and Hamilton. The information is processed and used by the National Weather Service to forecast changes in the river level, and to warn the public of floods. Use the link below the graphs for more information, and a description of the impact we would experience when the river reaches each flood stage level.

Great Miami River at Middletown

Source: National Weather Service MDTO1 – see this link for more info

Great Miami River at Hamilton

Source: National Weather Service HAMO1 – see this link for more info