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Drug Cases on the Rise

BURN (Butler Undercover Regional Narcotics) is a multi-agency narcotics taskforce hosted by the Butler County Sheriff’s Office. The taskforce is designed to use the resources and information of multiple agencies more effectively to combat the growing drug problem in our county. 

BURN investigated a total of 542 drug-related cases in 2013. This was a marked increase of nearly 65% over cases investigated in 2012. Similarly, drug arrests were up by about 58% over the previous year.

chart2012drugcasesDrug Investigations, 2012-2013

  • Executed over 200 search warrants
  • Seized over 2,100 pounds of marijuana
  • Seized nearly 4 pounds of heroin
  • Seized 47 vehicles from drug dealers
  • Seized 16 houses from drug dealers
  • Seized over $500,000 of drug dealers’ money

A Tragic Trend

  • 2012 Heroin Cases: 59
  • 2013 Heroin Cases: 149
  • 2012 Heroin Deaths: 33
  • 2013 Heroin Deaths: 49

Join the Fight

submit-tips-square-400pxIn 2014, Sheriff Richard K. Jones announced today the availability of TipSoft, a service for citizens to anonymously submit crime-related tips through the web, a text message, or from any Android or iPhone mobile device with the TipSubmit mobile app. The use of this service is part of the agency’s proactive efforts to prevent, reduce and solve crime.

“We need help from citizens to fight crime in Butler County,” Sheriff Jones said. “From food stamp fraud to the apprehension of heroin dealers, many of our investigations start with information we’ve received from neighbors who are tired of crime in their community.”

Sheriff Jones is pleased that his investigators will have another tool to help combat the growing heroin problem. “Too many people are dying from heroin overdoses,” the Sheriff said. “If you have information that can help us catch a dealer and stop the flow of this terrible poison, your tip might just save a life. And if you’re dealing in Butler County, we’re coming for you.”

The Butler County Experience

Heroin dealers are invited to come enjoy the Butler County experience!

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