BURN Taskforce


About the BURN Taskforce

BURN (Butler Undercover Regional Narcotics) is a multi-agency narcotics taskforce hosted by the Butler County Sheriff’s Office. The taskforce is designed to use the resources and information of multiple agencies more effectively.

The taskforce includes participation from:

  • Butler County Adult Probation
  • Butler County Prosecutor’s Office
  • Butler County Sheriff’s Office
  • Fairfield Township PD
  • Monroe PD
  • Oxford PD
  • West Chester Township PD

Related Press Releases

Recent press releases related to the BURN taskforce:

2014-11-25 - Call To Sheriff’s Tip Line Leads To Heroin Arrests
2014-10-02 - Two Arrested On Drug Charges During Search Warrant
2014-09-26 - Subject Arrested For Trafficking Heroin With Child Present
2014-09-11 - Traffic Stop Leads To Heroin Bust
2014-08-22 - Agents Execute Three Drug Related Search Warrants
2014-07-03 - Heroin in Butler County
2014-06-13 - Money, Guns and Heroin Seized by BURN Agents
2014-05-13 - Four Arrested on Multiple Drug Charges
2014-04-29 - BURN Agents Conduct Heroin Bust in Fairfield
2014-03-10 - Busy Weekend for Undercover Drug Agents

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