BCSO Coat of Arms


BCSO Coat of ArmsDefinition – A shield blazoned with heraldic bearings that serves as the insignia of a nation, family etc.

The idea for the Butler County Sheriff’s Office Coat of Arms was initially introduced by Chief Deputy Anthony E. Dwyer. Capt Norman Lewis was called upon to design the Coat of Arms and with the assistance of Sergeant Mark Ketteler and Computer Specialist Ken Carpenter the Butler County Sheriff’s Office Coat of Arms was developed.

So why a Coat of Arms? Law Enforcement work is Paramilitary in that both have a Code and an Honor. Each are defenders of the Constitution and the Laws of the Land and has a rigid Chain of Command that is expected to be followed. The “Uniform” is a symbol that civilians recognize both in Law Enforcement and the Military.

The Coat of Arms represents the Butler County Sheriff’s Office beliefs in defending and upholding the laws of the County, State and Nation. The Coat of Arms will be used as a reminder of these beliefs and what we represent.

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BCSO Coat of Arms