Civil Unit


Notice often left on doors when attempting to serve civil papers

One of the mandated responsibilities of every Sheriff’s Office in Ohio is to serve the court system. Accordingly, Ohio’s Sheriffs are charged with the duty of serving legal documents from the courts within their county. The courts served by our Civil Unit include the Common Pleas Court, Domestic Relations Court, Juvenile Court, Probate Court, and Area I, II and III Courts.

This types of legal legal documents served include such items as subpoenas, summons, writs of possession, domestic violence protection orders, restraining orders, foreclosure notices, grand jury notices for both civil and criminal proceedings, and notices for petit jury service. Additionally, Courts from other counties and states often have legal documents that must be served or executed on persons living within Butler County. These documents are also processed through our Civil Unit, designated as “Foreign Documents.”

There are typically around 30,000 such documents that must be served to Butler County residents every year. Current staff of the Civil Unit includes two part-time clerks that receive the papers from the courts and process them in preparation of delivery. Then, a group of seven part-time deputies (with occasional assistance from volunteer Special Deputies or other Patrol Deputies) make every attempt to hand-deliver the papers to the proper residents. This often involves multiple trips to the same address in order to accomplish proper service. Sometimes, “door hanger” notices are left at addresses requesting individuals to contact the Sheriff’s Office so that arrangements can be made to complete the service process. The proper, court-ordered serving of this large volume of paperwork is truly a coordinated team effort.