Bike Patrol Unit


Bike patrol has many advantages over a motor unit. In area’s of higher populations where the crime rate increases, the bikes are deployed to give law enforcement the upper hand. It is much easier to locate criminal activity riding the bikes through streets and alleyways without being detected. By doing so, criminals are surprised when they are actually caught in the commission of a crime.

The unit has many other useful purposes and are often deployed to assist with parades, local fairground patrol, training of students at local schools and even assisting with large groups of children on cross county bike rides.

Equipment and Training

The Butler County Sheriff’s Bike Patrol Unit’s members have completed specialized training and their patrol cars are equipped with special carriers so their bikes can be quickly mounted and deployed. Each bike has special equipment to include sirens and flashing lights. The bikes are marked with reflective material the same as all motor units.

New members to the squad are put through a rigorous training course. Each member is required to pass Slow Remover Ability Course using cones. The next phase is to train and pass a 30 mile Cross Country Ride. The course consists of steep grades and sharp curves. The third and final phase in the mandatory training is Firearms proficiency. Deputies must fire their weapon at a target while mounted on their bike. Next they ride for a distance and, while semi-winded, they must conduct a sliding dismount, run toward and fire at their target with a passing grade.