Transportation Unit


About the Transportation Unit

Lieutenant Randall Lambert

Randall Lambert

This unit is responsible for the safe and secure transport of all Butler County inmates, as well as US Marshal Service and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) inmates housed under contracts. Lieutenant Randall Lambert oversees the unit, which consists of ten deputies with the primary function to transport inmates / detainees on a daily basis.

Butler County inmates must be transported for various local court proceedings at Common Pleas, Juvenile, and Area 1, 2, and 3 Courts. Additionally, there are numerous transports to medical appointments and transfers to and from state prison facilities throughout the State of Ohio. In the case of federal prisoners (US Marshals and ICE), inmates are transported to and from federal courts in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus, other prisons or jails throughout Ohio, to other federal holding facilities prior to deportation, and sometimes to meet special federal aviation flights out of the Greater Cincinnati or Lexington, KY, airports.

Most routine transports are conducted by van

In 2013

During 2013, the unit transported over 12,000 inmates and drove more than 180,000 miles to do so.

In 2011

During 2011, there were more than 7,700 Butler County inmates transported locally and an average of 95 U.S Marshals transported to various destinations on a monthly basis. Also in 2011, the Sheriff’s Office was fortunate to add to the fleet a 40 passenger bus to assist with manpower and to improve the mass movements of inmates.

A bus used for inmate transportation


In 2010

Having previously been a function of either Corrections or the Court Security Unit for many years, in 2010 the Transportation Unit completed its first full year of operation as a distinct and separate unit.

During 2010, more than 8,200 Butler County prisoners were transported just to local court proceedings. There were more than 1,800 US Marshal inmates transported during the year for that federal entity. Beginning in June, 2010, routine ICE prisoner transport duties began. That led to more than 1,200 ICE detainees transported between June and December. All-in-all, more than 1,000 inmates (on average) were transported somewhere every month.