Dispatch Services Division

The Dispatch Services Division is commanded by Lieutenant Todd Langmeyer. It includes the following units, teams and programs:

In addition to the operation of the regional dispatch center, Dispatch Services Division are responsible for the entry of all warrant, protection order and concealed handgun license records.

For administrative matters, you can reach the Communications Section at (513) 785-1299.

For non-emergency dispatch, call (513) 785-1300.

Lt. Todd Langmeyer

Lieutenant Todd Langmeyer

Division Supervisors
SergeantRon Owens

Ron Owens

Dispatch Center

Shift SupervisorAngela Mondello

Shift Supervisor
Angela Mondello

Dispatch Center

Shift Supervisor Miranda Sheppard

Shift Supervisor
Miranda Sheppard

Dispatch Center

Shift Supervisor Debbie Rednour

Shift Supervisor
Debbie Rednour

Dispatch Center