Utility Outage – Who to Call

Dispatcher Debbie Rednour works in the Dispatch Center

Dispatcher Debbie Rednour works in the 9-1-1 Dispatch Center

If you have a utility outage (electric, gas, water, cable, etc), do not call the 9-1-1 dispatch center UNLESS:

  • there is a gas leak or odor of gas
  • there is some evidence of electrical fire or smoke
  • there is a water main break outside of your home
  • there is some other emergency related to the outage

9-1-1 dispatchers have no information on what caused the outage or when the utility will be restored. Contact your utility provider to report the outage and to ask for more information. Our 9-1-1 operators are likely very busy dealing with emergencies.

Reporting Utility Outages

Butler County Water and Sewer
513-887-3066 24-Hour Emergency Service

Butler Rural Electric

Cincinnati Bell Telephone
513-566-1511 Residential
513-566-1611 Business

Dayton Power and Light

Duke Energy
800-543-5599 Electric
800-634-4300 Gas

Glenwood Energy (Oxford area)
513-523-5050 Gas Emergency

Hamilton (City) Utilities
513-785-7550 Gas and Electric

Time Warner Cable
800-677-9767 Cincinnati
800-425-2225 Dayton