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Josh Readnower Fleet Manager

Josh Readnower
Fleet Manager

The fleet manager, Josh Readnower, coordinates vehicle maintenance, equipment inventory and distribution. The BCSO fleet consists of patrol cruisers, transport vans and buses, administrative vehicles, unmarked detective units, motorcycles, armored SWAT vehicles, bomb trucks, a helicopter, and more.

The key to reliable and safe vehicles, not just one that starts, is routine maintenance. The best maintenance tip for keeping police vehicles ready is a regular maintenance plan. At every 3,000-mile interval, officers turn their vehicles in for an oil and filter change, brakes and air filter check. Tires are checked every time the car goes into the shop, regardless of mileage intervals. Not only is safety and longer wear major factors, fuel cost savings of up to 0.4% for every one psi drop in tire pressure. Under-inflated tires result in low gas mileage. With the biggest issues for police cars being their idle time and frequent starts and stops, the best maintenance tip is preventive maintenance. It’s the key to top performance. Reliability is second only to safety, then longevity.

Sheriff Jones with a marked cruiser

Josh Readnower maintains and repairs the specialized equipment inside our vehicles. He has expertise in all aspects of police vehicle systems, including the emergency lighting equipment, sirens, mobile computer mounting systems, GPS and other specialized equipment and wiring. Thanks to Josh’s ability to repair and install almost anything electrical on the patrol cars, thousands of dollars are saved annually by not having to take cars to vendors for repairs and installations. Additionally, Josh now does the vast majority of mobile software installations, upgrades, and troubleshooting.

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