Inmate Worker Program


The inmate worker program, commonly known as the “trusty” program continues to save the Sheriff’s Office money by using inmate labor in several different areas within the facilities.

Inmates prepare and serve all meals, as well as maintain the grounds and the inside of  BCSO facilities. All inmate laundry is done in-house by the trustys and they also man the phones to answer basic questions for the public. Inmates who work are eligible to receive “good days” from their sentencing judge in return for their service.

PRIDE Detail

Corrections Officer Tim Adams supervises inmate workers on the PRIDE detail.

Another way inmates are able to “work” while incarcerated is through the PRIDE detail, which stands for Providing Responsibility for Inmates through Duties for the Environment. The program, which uses inmate labor for roadside cleanups throughout the community, is funded primarily through Federal Grants. The “Chain Gang” as it is known, collects aluminum cans and redeems them for cash, helping offset any additional costs to the program. This program also helps to foster a sense of pride and teaches community values to the inmates involved.

In 2012

The Sheriff’s Office utilizes inmate labor to help offset costs. In 2012, over $1,138,000 was saved as inmates worked in excess of 176,000 hours by assisting both the jails and the community. For the PRIDE detail, over 1,250 work hours were logged and over 2,350 bags of trash were collected.