Jail and Facilities


The Corrections Division has three facilities in the City of Hamilton, Ohio. All inmates are held at:

Correctional Center / "Main Jail"The Corrections Center is located at 705 Hanover Street. It is capable of housing 848 inmates. This facility holds maximum and medium security inmates as well as contracted inmates from the United States Marshals Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Bureau of Prisons. All prisoner bookings and releases are conducted at this facility.

Other facilities include:

The former Resolutions Jail, at 442 S. Second Street, closed as a constantly-operated jail in June 2009. It now occasionally houses overflow inmates, and has administrative offices.

The former Court Street Jail, at 123 Court Street, was used to house minimum security inmates until December 2012. It currently houses our property / evidence operation.

Who is in Custody?

The roster of persons currently held in Butler County jail facilities is available online. You can access the jail roster at any time by visiting butler.miamivalleyjails.org.