Aviation Unit


The Aviation Unit flew “Air One” for a total of 165.9 flight hours; providing photo flights, surveillance, searches and routine patrol.

We again participated with the Ohio Department of Safety’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification Unit (BCI&I) in their Marijuana Eradication Program from July 26th to September 13, 2010. During these eradication flights, we visited 11 counties and recovered over 894 plants with a street value of over $894,000.00. The total operating expenses incurred by the unit for the year was $27,546.95. This included fuel, hanger fees, insurance, maintenance, and all other miscellaneous expenditures. It brought in $44,000.00 to the drug fund from the BCI contract, (112.2 hours @ $400.00 per hour).

After all expenses for the operation of the helicopter, the Aviation Unit was still able to contribute $16,453.05 to the drug fund. Throughout the year, the unit flew another 53.4 hours of patrols of Butler County, and assisted more than 21 different law enforcement agencies including other sheriff’s offices, police departments, BCI & I, DEA, ICE, State Fire Marshall’s Office, and other county agencies such as the EMA, and the Butler County Engineers Office. The assists were for everything from drug surveillance, searches, photo flights, evaluations of the river, memorial ceremony flyovers, funeral escorts, and other requested events and applicable missions.