School Resource Officers

Deputy Doug Hale is the SRO Manager at Lakota East High School in Liberty Township

Deputy Doug Hale is the SRO Manager at Lakota East High School in Liberty Township

In 2013, the Butler County Sheriff’s Office has deputies assigned as School Resource Officers (SROs) in the Edgewood, Lakota, Madison, and Talawanda School Districts. During the school year, the SRO may be assigned to a particular school or may rotate between schools, depending on the district. The SROs are assigned to other divisions in the Sheriff’s Office during the summer months.

What is a School Resource Officer?

The SRO is a certified law enforcement officer who is permanently assigned to provide coverage to a school or a set of schools. They are specifically trained to perform three roles: law enforcement officer, law-related counselor, and law-related education teacher.

The SRO is not necessarily a DARE officer, security guard, or officer who has been placed temporarily in a school in response to a crisis situation, but rather acts as a comprehensive resource for his/her school. Having these highly trained professionals in our school districts ensures the safety, security, and education of the student and staff.

“Ideally, we need an armed, trained deputy or police officer in every school,” Sheriff Jones said. “Schools have to take a more active approach to the problem. School boards can’t just hope that [violence] doesn’t happen at one of their schools. It’s time to start taking some real action. Our kids and grandchildren deserve to be as safe as possible.”

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