Cold Case Unit


The Cold Case Unit continues to focus on past crimes that were left unsolved within Butler County. Its primary goal is to uncover any new leads or items of evidentiary value that may lead to bringing a perpetrator to justice. The unit also uses current DNA technology which may not have been unavailable at the time of the offense to strengthen its cases. It is still actively investigating the following cases:

  • 1953 Ronald Tammen – missing from Miami University
  • 1970 Georgiana Reiter – shot to death on SR 128
  • 1974 Clayton Adams – shot to death on Morris Rd. over a drug deal
  • 1974 Beverly Krause – beaten to death by Outlaw gang at husband’s direction on SR 128
  • 1976 Victoria Hincher – kidnapped from Cincinnati, strangled, found on New London Rd
  • 1977 Eugene Sauer – (former Special Deputy) – shot to death on SR 128
  • 1977 Nancy Theobald – kidnapped from U.C., strangled, found on Beckett Rd
  • 1982 Tammy King – picked up in Cincinnati, strangled, found on Dunwoody Rd
  • 1985 Kermet Vencil – shot to death on Cincinnati-Day Rd
  • 1997 Unknown Male – found in Great Miami River.. DNA into database
  • 1997 Alana Gwinner – kidnapped from Fairfield, found in the Ohio River.