Marine Patrol

The Marine Patrol boat prepares to deploy.

The Marine Patrol boat prepares to deploy.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for all waterways throughout the county. Working in partnership with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Watercraft, the Marine Patrol provides services to include: rescue, conducting boater inspections and general assistance to the boating public.

During the summer months, Marine patrol officers conduct safety equipment inspections, boater education and enforce traditional law and alcohol enforcement while on water patrol. Most of these duties take place on the Great Miami River and Acton Lake (Hueston Woods State Park). Should an emergency arise, the marine unit can offer assistance and assemble highly trained officers to a scene to assist in rescue, recovery or investigate a boating accident.

The Marine Patrol provides high-tech sonar that helps in the aid of locating underwater objects, or possibly a victim from a drowning. At times, jurisdictions outside of Butler County contact the Marine Patrol for assistance due to their high level of training and professionalism.

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In addition to Marine Patrol, the Sheriff’s Office leads a Regional Water Rescue Team and participates in a Dive Team.