Traffic Unit and START


This unit’s primary responsibility is to investigate, collect evidentiary items and interview occupants and witnesses for the reporting and reconstruction of auto accidents which result in serious injury or death. Deputies within this unit receive specialized training in vehicle dynamics and crash reconstruction, and assist patrol deputies with hit/skip and school bus violations.

In a typical year, the Sheriff’s Office responds to over 1,500 traffic crashes, nearly a quarter of which are injury crashes.


START – Serious Traffic Accident Reconstruction Team

Deputies assigned to the Traffic Unit also serve as members of the Serious Traffic Accident Reconstruction Team, or START. START is composed of traffic investigators from Fairfield Township Police, Monroe Police, and the Butler County Sheriff’s Office. They specialize in officer-involved crashes, serious injury crashes, and crashes resulting in fatalities.

The reasoning behind forming the team was simple. Some smaller jurisdictions do not have a high volume of injury accidents or fatalities compared to that of the sheriff’s office. As a team, we could pool our resources together and defray the costs among the participating agencies. All team members have specialized training and prior experience in the field. Departments have a quicker response time, and the investigation is completed with more accuracy. Team members have access to and utilize the “Total-Station” laser mapping system and digital cameras to document the crash scenes. Once information is gathered, it is downloaded to a diagramming program, and 2 or 3 dimensional presentations can be printed.

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